class types

Modo yoga is a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Modo classes are intended to open, strengthen and detoxify the entire body. The traditional 40 posture series is done in a 90 minute class, though there are 60 & 75 minute condensed versions. Suitable for all levels.


The Hot Flow class will work you through a series of challenging postures that will get you feeling energized and ready for your day! Suitable for all levels. (heated)

Begin with a vigorous Vinyasa flow during the first half of class, then follow up with calming Yin postures! Yin is both a gentle and challenging yoga practice in which poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep muscle tissue and fascia. A great compliment to your regular practice. Suitable for all levels. (heated)

Amazing core strengthening class balanced out by some deep stretching! Challenging, but suitable for all levels. This class is in a heated environment.